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The core principle of BEE You! is for us all to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate that in our own individual ways we are Brilliant, Excellent and Exceptional.  Only you can bring your personal, unique experience and self to each experience, no one else can do that. 

Each one of us should be comfortable with acknowledging the individual value that we and others bring to each of our interactions, all being brilliant excellent and exceptional in our own unique ways.  BEE You! aims to nurture and value our differences and individuality in a self-empowering way.

Who Are BEE You Customers?

The doers, the listeners, the organisers the people that everyone goes to for advice, guidance and support but who holds a space for them to be heard? BEE You!

Experience coaching,  edupowerment’, retreats– create and hold that space in environments that are safe, open, confidential and nurture individuality. Respect for your uniqueness, facilitating a space and place where you are free to BEE you is paramount.

The person who wants to create and maintain motivation and seeks accountability. The person that wants to fulfil their aspirations and potential, setting focussed intentions that they aim and take action to achieve. Attaining their dreams and desires is important as they know they will add value not only for themself but for others and wider society too.

Why Work With Me?

Jackie Bailey, Personal Development Consultant and Life Coach

I aim to support and facilitate others to a point where they see, acknowledge, value and truly love themselves so deeply that they fully recognise and appreciate their talents, the beauty of their uniqueness and their contributions to the world. 

“To know thyself is to love thyself”. 

“Know thyself, be thyself, love thyself”. 

“BEE You! In all aspects of your life”. 

“In all things, in all ways just BEE You!”

A Little Bit About Jackie Bailey

Jackie Bailey MSc., Management & Personal Development Consultant, has over 20 years experience of working inclusively & effectively engaging people with positive & improved outcomes.  She has extensive experience of working in the public sector. 

Jackie has been a professional mentor, has successfully provided one to one development sessions & has effectively worked with organisations, teams & individuals on vision building, strategy development & action planning. Jackie coordinates Sistas GAL! (a reading group for African women) & is also a life coach.

“Jackie helped me to look at my life, organise my goals and set up a plan for succeeding at work, her workshop was amazing!”

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